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Currency Trading

Did you know that the world’s currency markets are some of the most liquid and volatile markets available to trade today? This presents us with the perfect storm for our trading. Not only can we profit from big, decisive market swings in both rising and falling markets, currency markets are so vast it is far less likely that they can be manipulated – making them a level playing field.

With over $4bn traded on a daily basis and markets with markets open 24 hours a day from Monday – Friday, they give us unparalleled flexibility to for us to trade – no matter where our physical location in the world is! We can also choose a strategy to complement our trading personality; whether you are someone who likes to get in and out in a flash, or simply prefer to set up your orders and walk away.

Because the currency market has plenty of liquidity, both brokers and banks can provide a lot of leverage. This means that traders can control a significant amount of trades with very little money – giving us the potential to make a lot more from less.

8 Reasons Why You Should Not Overlook Currency Trading

  • Fast moving markets
  • 24 hour market
  • Can trade a strategy to suit your personality
  • Trade both rising and falling markets
  • Hedging abilities
  • Level playing field
  • High leverage
  • Competitive spreads

However a lack of knowledge may cause traders to lose all of their funds in a short period of time. It’s no secret that over 90% of traders simply fail after blowing up their account and walking away. Do not let this happen to you.

Did you what separates the loss making amateur to the seasoned profit-pulling professional? The answer will shock you.

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