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At Last!
The only breakthrough all-in-one course you will ever need to
finally succeed in trading
and investing
Now is your chance to become part of the shift in becoming a
profitable professional... immediately transform your
fortunes in both financial markets trading and investing
Do you want stand boldly on the shoulders of the greatest stock market titans in history?
Like the idea of getting your money to work overtime for you?
Ever dreamt of beating the banks and hedge-funds at their own game?
Tired of being suckered into the markets time and again, only to lose money?
Exasperated with those "get-rich-quick" programmes that promise the world & deliver nothing?
Is it time to create a lasting and meaningful legacy for future generations?
If you've read this far, it's safe to assume you were once drawn to making money from the markets to make that income and to grow the golden nest egg. Great... who doesn't?
Except, you're not there yet.
Why is this?
Here's why
The 5 KILLER obstacles which are choking your chances of success
You didn't know what to do or when to do it.

Ignorance may have already shattered your dreams of growing that golden nest egg. Remember buying into a stock you were sure would reach the stars, only to watch it plunge faster than a cannon ball from a 15th storey window? Or selling that precious metal you were sure was going to go down... You pressed the "sell" button the nano-second before it immediately rallied making everyone "in on the action" money. Yes, seemingly everyone except you.

You don't have the time.

Haven't even got a few hours a week free to master a skill that could transform how much money you make in the markets? Then you're probably the type of person who needs it most. Running on the hamster wheel of the rat-race has already cost you this much: Whenever you set foot in your 9-5 job, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year - you're not living the life you want to lead. Is what you're doing now where you wanted to be 5 years ago? Is it where you see yourself in 3-5 years time? What if we told you, you could benefit from the investment techniques of some of the most prolific market gurus to walk this planet...from as little as an hour a day? Except you decided to continue running around doing what you're still already doing. Doing this wouldn't just be self-sabotage but a crime against your financial wellbeing.

You don't know how to start.

Even if we give you a step by step process on what to do and how to get started, so you can start off the right way, you simply would not do it right? Unfortunately, most people think you have to be great to get started, as it's easier that way. In reality, you don't need to be great to get started but you need to start to be great!

You don't know who to trust.

If you're like most people, it's likely you're probably just plain sceptical. You may have bought that "magic bullet" training program from the snake oil sales man who promised in one year's time you would be a millionaire. Except... instead of having that fast car parked out front and drinking Bollinger for breakfast, you find yourself digging around at the back of the sofa in living room for pocket change. It just didn't pan out how you imagined. Yes, the only person who made money from that was the sharp-suited salesman who sold you the course...but does he still respond to your emails?

You don't have the money.

If a figure as little as £3,000 represents a lot of money to you, then let's part company as friends. Stop reading, put the mouse down and walk away from the computer. This isn't for you. You're not financially "there" yet. The best you can do is get a part time job or work some overtime to earn the money you don't have. How can you make money from the markets with no money of your own? You can't! Yet alone invest in your financial education. Money makes money. We know many people, some of our current graduates, who have, without a moment's hesitation, spent over £20,000 or more to get this because they know they'll earn it back eventually. But everyone is different and for the most of us £20,000 is a HUGE sum of change especially if you don't have the right strategies and techniques...

If you can't afford to get educated, then you cannot afford to trade, yet alone invest. Stop! You will be playing with a loaded gun. It's akin to bungee jumping off the top of the Empire State Building without a chord. Close your charts and log out of your broker platform. Forget it...until you reach a point in your life when you can.
The result? The rich get richer... and YOU get nowhere, left wondering what happened.
Is there a way?
THE GOOD NEWS IS YES, THERE IS! Like the 95% of people who have a go and wipe out, we have all been's a statistical fact. If anyone tells you that they haven't fallen into that category before they are probably lying. What if we tell you the difference between a profitable professional, from a loss making rookie was actually very, very small?

You would probably be pleasantly surprised. It gets better. The difference is, in fact (actually), TINY. But make no mistake about it. It's still big enough to separate the people who make regular returns and the person who hacks their investment dreams to death with a blunt axe...

And their aspirations to death with ignorance. For example...
Donald has tried every strategy in the book. He's traded and invested on every tip this side of Wall Street, and he has tried every 'magic box system' under the sun. He's made a few gains here and there but four years later he's lucky break is still yet to happen and isn't coming anytime soon. He asks himself every day....'Where have I gone wrong?' Frustrated and tired, Doland finds it hard not to take his never-ending losses personally.
Katie already knows what can be achieved and has started to take action by reading books, subscribing to newsletters and is trying to build a successful life on free information. She is ready to take control but is lost at sea.

She asks herself every day.... 'Which strategy shall I trade, which market shall I invest in, which expert should I listen too?'
Donald and Katie are not alone. They are typical of the 95% of people who are drawn to the markets to make money, like moths to a lightbulb...only to be frustrated and humiliated 3 years later that they have nothing to show for it.
So how and why is it some people managed to find a way...
Rob Colville, a Fund Trader and successful Business personality. After becoming trapped in the rat-race during a successful corporate life as a junior broker in the City of London, he quickly realised he needed to take action in order to achieve an abundant lifestyle where he could smash the time equals money link. After taking the risk of a lifetime, he spurned his City career to become a full time trader. But after making every rookie error in the book in his formative years, he met the right people who accelerated his learning curve and showed him what really worked in the markets. It was not long until he crafted his own brand of "lifestyle trading," letting him trade for as little as 10-20 minutes per day!
Jitan Solanki, an eleven year veteran of the Financial Markets. An Active Trader and Investor across all markets he discovered the secrets of the experts and immediately took massive action. From trading Currencies during Tokyo, to the London Gold market, to pan-European Stocks, to the fast paced Tech Stocks in the US, finishing with a Global Macro look in Sydney he has a real passion for making money from the markets.
So what is the secret sauce of success?...
Why do some people hit the jackpot and make money day in, day out while you're stuck at home wondering what happened?

You've heard the stories of the "lucky" select few who possess the Midas touch and can seemingly do no wrong. Yes, those people making millions from the markets, trading from home, living life without a boss and taking control of their financial future.

They are the success stories that most people envy but everyone wants to become.

Yes, those 'big shots' making £20,000 in one day at the stroke of a button while you struggle to even make £200. What are they doing differently? Let's first look at what they are NOT doing...

Want to know what separates the winning minority and the loss making rookies who end up wiping out, giving up and shattering their chances?

Well, here's What the 'Big DOGS' are NOT doing...
Wouldn't this be all great – if you just 'knew' what worked?
If you knew how to think like a successful trader or investor! Imagine you had it all at your fingertips already and you could start to trade or invest for an income, build a portfolio for retirement or your children's university education, buy your dream home or setup that charitable foundation you always wanted to leave behind.
"It's taken 5 years of trial and error, research, testing, analysis and market experience..."

Not to mention the modelling of the most successful investors and traders on the planet to determine what specific steps anyone should taken in order to make money routinely from the markets.

Jitan Solanki, an expert in technical analysis, has a highly sought after accreditation from the Society of Technical Analysts (STA). A natural at accurately predicting the market's next turn, this badge of honour is formal recognition in his ability to being able to identify lucrative opportunities with laser precision. It is no surprise that he has been asked to present as a keynote trainer at financial education summits, such as the Ultimate Wealth Congress, around the globe.

Rob Colville, also a member of the Society of Technical Analysts has a background in journalism. He has brought his critical thinking and investigative instinct to the table...not to mention a full contact list of industry insiders. Since being asked to write to some of the most prestigious publications in the industry, he makes regular contributions to FXStreet, FX-MM, FX Trader Magazine and Your Trading Edge.

But no mistake about it, Trade Vest's founders Rob Colville and Jitan Solanki probably had a very similar start as you did. Except they were on a quest: to find the answer in an industry riddled with false promises and get-rich-quick programmes. Between them, they read hundreds of books on finance books from cover to cover, painstakingly scoured the internet for every course available to man and attended every seminar under the sun. From doing this, the pair were able to strip out what really works, while discarding what does not...and boy, there is plenty of rubbish out there!

Trade-Vest may doesn't claim to make you an overnight millionaire... but it will rapidly accelerate your transition from loss making rookie into a profitable financial markets trader and investor in quick time.
With Trade Vest, you can nail two birds with one stone.

Jitan and Rob have done the hard work so you don't have to.

So here's the question: How do you feel about sapping your strength and emptying your bank account by trying to master the world financial markets all by yourself, in your spare room? It will take many months of dedication and it will certainly blow a hole in your chequebook. If you do what most people end up doing you will spend weeks reading books, splashing out thousands on attending fruitless courses, and probably end up blowing up trading account after trading account with those magic-bullet EAs you see for sale online... by all means be our guest! We will not stand in your way.

But why bother when you can just learn from those who have?

Keep reading as you're about to find out how you can take control of your financial destiny in ways most people can't....

....but also why it's completely out of your reach.

The Secret to their Success...
Here it is: The big shots know how to get into a high probability of winning trades with huge upside potential at the right time. They use a process which can be easily scaled up from trading a £1,000 account to a £100million account. Let's call it the 6 Step Process for Seismic Returns.
Trade Vest 6 Step Process for Seismic Returns on ANY market!
Step 1
Get a Razor Sharp Edge

Having an edge is the one thing which sets the greatest stock market Titans of today and the billion dollar traders of tomorrow apart from the crowd. They may all look and think different but it's also the one thing they have in common. It sets these profitable pros apart from the rest. By the rest, I mean the heard of amateur investors who often bleed money. Want to know exactly how the seasoned professionals think and plan ahead to identify the next big market mover?

Remember, to create is effort, to copy is genius. You too can mimic the smart money and model both your investment and trading strategies on the greats of today and yesteryear. We have comprehensive research and profiling on the most successful traders and investors ever to walk this planet.

  • The Secret Calendar – Imagine being able to pinpoint key turning points in the markets weeks, or even, months before they happen - with lethal accuracy. Gain access to the secret calendar, used by the biggest hedge funds in the world. We have it and so could you.
  • Seasonal Patterns – Imagine if you could know what happens before it happens...and it actually does happen! After all, the same patterns occur every single month, every single year. This is your opportunity to position yourself for explosive profit potential. Heck, this little-known technique worked for market Veteran Larry Williams, who turned $10k into $1 million in 1 year. How would you like access to a secret calendar like the one he used? This information could literally reverse your fortunes... for life.
  • Economic Cycles & Rotation – Would you like to master the ability to see trading opportunities all around you, whether you're on your way to work on the tube or flying to the French Riveira for a holiday? The learn the key growth cycles in the market which the famous fund managers have been using for over 100 years and which still produces incredible returns today. Make certain you do not miss out any longer.
Step 2
Have a Laser Like Focus

You've just identified a potentially explosive move from your Edge, but how are you going to play it? At TradeVest we filter to get a focus - welcome to the power of Technical Analysis:

  • Technical Analysis Masterclass – Imagine being able to read any chart from any market with the laser precision of charting geniuses like the legendary Marty Schwartz or Steve that you know exactly what every other buyer and seller in the world is thinking and doing, including the big dogs and hedge fund heavyweights? We will expose the four most powerful types of forces in the market so you can pinpoint potential turning points with laser like accuracy. Now you too can trade like a seasoned professional and never find yourself wondering what on earth ever again.
  • Advanced Charting Analysis – Would you like to become a master in every market by exploring the power of Fibonacci, Correlations and Divergences for high probability trading and investing opportunities? How about being able to read price action bar by bar at the level of industry heavy weights like Al Brooks or James Simons? Then what are you waiting for? Join the club of elite traders and investors today. The market does not wait for anyone!
Step 3
Time it Right!

Imagine you are on the brink of a potentially explosive don't get in too early, you don't get in too late but you get in right NOW as you know when to take action for huge profits, just like our TradeVest graduates.

  • Discover the specific clues the big institutions and hedge funds leave behind for the savvy trader and investor to pick up on.
  • Learn to pinpoint the exact time the market is most likely to turn so we can profit whilst having very little downside.
Step 4
Know Your Risk

Do you want to be able to pull money out of the markets in the next 8 days, 8 weeks, 8 months, 8 years?.....consistently? Then understanding Risk will separate you (a TradeVest winner) from the outright gambler.

  • Discover Risk Management Principles which are at the heart of some of the most consistently profitable hedge funds for the past 30 years.
  • Learn the necessities of Trade Risk, Portfolio Risk as well as Sector and Currency Risk to manage your portfolio like a true professional.
  • Imagine this....You lose more trades than you win but YOU still make money in the end! That's the Power of Probability and the Win-Loss ratio/Compounding Effect. Just two secrets of success for some of the most successful investors and traders out there today, who started out just like you.
Step 5
Take Action

Have you got the ability to spot a great opportunity and take action? Do you know exactly what to do and when to do it? If the answer's "no," then you can forget it! There's little point in knowing what to do or wanting to do something without taking some type of action.

Ask yourself: Are you willing to spend a little time everyday like many people won't, so you can spend the rest of your life like many people can't?

Step 6
Meditation and Accelerated Wealth

Discover how a little-known style of meditation is proving its weight in gold, in being the missing link between mediocre and massive returns. You may have the profit-pulling strategy validated formulated by the billionaire success story. But do you have their "hidden Zen"? Many big hedge fund managers use this obscure practice and attribute it to their success, including Ray Dalio, the billionaire Hedge Fund Manager of Bridgewater Capital. Now it's your turn to benefit from this cutting edge form of meditation.

If you're not one of those people then you may as well stop reading and continue your search. Goodbye and thanks for stopping by.
You see, building wealth is about capitalising on the skills you already have. We will show you how your trading skills can make you a great investor. This way you have regular trading profits coming in whilst your wealth portfolio is compounding its returns for years to come. Many of the world's financial billionaires did it this way. That's the secret.

Sounds easy, right? WRONG.

Here's why you probably can't do it yourself...
...or rather, why you shouldn't do it yourself...yet!
It's a tragedy. For most new people starting out and seasoned traders looking for a new edge, it is all completely out of your reach. Unless you're very committed, very talented or already very are locked out and cannot access it.

But....YOU can do this – You just need a bit of help. If you want to spend the next 5 years scouring the web for that magic bullet then go for it... I can tell you, for certain, it will take you half a decade....You don't have to be a genius or talented but you will need a lot of time (10,000 hours!) You have no idea what works and must be prepared to lose £1,000s until you crack the code...but the good news is we can help...we've taken all of the relevant information and have put it into one exclusive programme just for you.

Now is the time to transform you, your finances and your self-respect.
After years of round the clock development, it's ready!
And now is your opportunity to be part of...
7,300 days
raw market experience
1,040 weeks of strategy and
research development
240 months of live trading
and investing
120 weeks of mentoring/trading
from New York to Singapore
2 Traders & 2 Investors
1 Market Leading Company,
We have just released the only all-in-one course you will ever need to finally succeed in trading and investing. This is our USP and nobody else in the marketplace offers what we do. Period.

You are close to unlocking the power of combining trading and investing in an accelerated all-in-one breakthrough programme, so that you can enjoy the success that everyone wants but few people get.

This is the only course you will ever need and the only investment you will have to make in your financial education.

But this is not available to anyone. Do we want to work with everyone and anyone? Heck, no! Serious people only please.

At this point, we're now only speaking to a small number of you who started reading this page from top to bottom. If you're still reading, then that says a lot about you.

Not only is it safe to assume you are dead set on mastering your financial education, it's also reasonable to presume you're at least half serious.

Well, listen up! We have created only 24 charter memberships which costs a third of the regular price.

YES! We are making it 66% more affordable... but, NO! This offer is not open to all...only the first 24 who take action. We like those who take action – they are people who go onto make good traders and investors.

They see an opportunity and then they take it.
Remember, we have 24 charter memberships" - normal price is at £1,497 for the first 24 people. After our 24th client, the price will go up for £5,000 – and that's a promise.
Update: Places are being filled fast. Once we have our first 24 clients, you will be charged £5,000 for this deal and it will not be open to negotiation.
Exclusively for you:
TV Commentary
Follow our live market analysis across the full range of asset classes including US and European Stocks, Currencies, Indices, Bonds and Commodities. Now you can always have your finger on the pulse. Never miss out on key developments in the global markets, as we do all the hard work for you, so you don't have to. Not only will you receive up to date analysis and profit-pulling opportunities even before they happen, you will benefit from a real time education....which will grow every time the market moves.
TVI Outlook
Just as important to know what is happening now, is to know what is going to happen next. Let us keep you focused on the outlook ahead by giving you the key markets and zones that are set for explosive moves in our TradeVest Investment Outlook™ report. You will have our ground breaking research in the palm of your hand that will enable you to know exactly what to buy or sell...and when, weeks in advance! Imagine buying a stock just before it explodes in value, or selling the Dow a week before it falls like a rock thrown from the top of the Empire State Building. TVI Outlook™ will give you the power to do this.
TV Global Themes
A cutting edge resource telling you what's hot and what's not. Ever wondered which will be the next asset class to take the market by storm that no one else is looking at? Reach for TV Global Themes™ - your VIP pass will give you access to a razor sharp edge that will help you accurately predict key long-term movements and correlations across all asset classes from Agriculture to Emerging Markets and Currencies to Metals. Our scans will make sure you stay well ahead of the game across the global financial markets and immediately position you within the elite network of successful traders and investors.
Investor Intelligence
For those of you who have always wanted to stand on the shoulders of the Wall St Titans of today and yesteryear - Investor Intelligence™ is your golden ticket to copying the very strategies used daily by the biggest billion dollar success stories to walk this planet...which have been proven to work again and again and again. Whether you want to view the market through the eyes of Warren Buffett, make money from falling markets in the style of Soros or know what legendary corporate raider Carl Icahn is doing - we have a range of investment and trading styles to suit all personalities so you can profit from the markets just like they did.
Investor Instincts
The difference in mindset between the amateur investor and the greatest Wall St "big dogs" of all time may be very subtle – but the results speak for themselves. What are they doing that everyone else isn't? Investor Instincts™ will show you exactly how the Warren Buffett's and Jesse Livermore's of this world think and act. The answer may surprise you. Not only is it counter intuitive and contrary to what you may have ever been taught before about trading and investing – it is this very way of thinking that has made a small handful of individuals a fortune. You may have their strategy, but do you have their mindset to unlock its full potential? Developing your inner game will be key to determining your long-term success and survival.
Best Defence Risk Management
Battle proof your portfolio and trading account against any unforeseen event with our proven risk management system which will ensure you will never, ever lose big – but have every chance of letting your winning trades and investments run to the moon. Stay in the game and reap the rewards of tomorrow.
Sun Tzu Trading Plan
Your very own field-tested trading plan which will ensure you know what to trade, when and how. It will be your personalised GPS system – keeping you on the pathway of success at all times. The Sun Tzu Trading Plan™ is not just any old trading's been battle-proofed for all market conditions and events so that you will know what to do in any event. The plan will be versatile and balanced in its attack and its defence - a plan the great Chinese military general, Sun Tzu, will be proud of before going into battle.
Elliott Wave Club
So accurate, it's scary. Dig deep into how groups of people behave and how you can profit from it. The Elliott Wave Principle is an absolute must for any serious trader or investor in the markets today. As Paul Tudor Jones from Tudor Corp Investment, another billionaire trader worth $4.3billion said "I attribute a lot of my own success to the Elliott Wave approach". Enough said.
4M4 The Four Market Forces
Most amateurs can see where a market turned after it actually happens but how about knowing where, exactly, it will turn before it happens? Learn to pick money making market turning points using the hidden method of the 4M4™ model. Guesswork is over, now may the force be with you.
4Point Method
If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. But, no longer with Trade-Vest's exclusive step by step methodology for consistent, profitable and risk managed returns. Follow this simple and exact method to keep your life stress free but making sure your hard work rewards you in the long run.
Wealth Alliance
Get the inside track and immediate access to an abundant wealth of mentors, guest speakers and fellow peers. By being a member of Wealth Alliance™ you will immediately benefit from the support, encouragement and further learnings that our network encourages. It is from this community where lifelong friendships and alliances are formed. With Wealth Alliance™, you will never walk alone.
Seasonal Prophets
Your exclusive pass to one of the closest guarded secrets of the investment world. Imagine if you could tap into a secret calendar which tells you what asset class goes up or down – and when? It would make trading and investing pretty straight forward wouldn't it? Like clockwork, in fact. Our calendar will reveal what stocks, commodities and currencies go up or down... and when. It will give you the power to predict with laser like precision large market moving trends days, weeks – even months – in advance. Imagine knowing the right time to sell a stock because you know about seasonality.
Gap Plays Black Book
Playing the US Stock Market open is the purest form of day trading out there and takes no prisoners. But if you're ready to make fast money in the least amount of time possible arm yourself with the Gap Plays Black Book™ to ensure you come out on the winning side and stay in the black in the long run.
Master Profit Formula
Your cornerstone for long-term success and survival trading and investing relies on this one formula. Twenty years in the making and still going strong today, this has been through the trenches and survived – a true battletested formula. Now you can ensure your risk in trading and investing is always kept low, whilst letting your winners work overtime for you. Who says you can't have it all?

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