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Their core trading skills come not only from his excellent understanding of the markets, but an uncanny knack to forecast and more importantly act upon price movements ranging from fx, Commodities and the Indicies. A brilliant trader whom i would not hesitate in recommending further.
- Jon Chapman – Prime Brokerage Manager at FxPro
An excellent Trader and Educator who brings his own unique style to his work. He has developed his own trading methods, has a long history of success with them and now happily and eloquently shares them with others. Has great energy, an excellent sense of humour and makes learning enjoyable for his clients. Rob's trading methods take only a short time to implement each day. Rob is a trader you can trust.
- Paul Botterill – Head Trader at Actions to Wealth Pte LTD
JT has a fantastic knowledge of the markets and when you sit down with him and listen to him talk about the markets you can see why he is a brilliant trader. I would highly recommend him.  
- David Frost – Finance Director at Biziserve  
Having worked on the trading floor with Rob, I always found that he has a great work ethic and gets good results, is a capable trader and has entrepreneurial spirit.. Most of all Rob has always been honest and reliable and the kind of person one can rely to deliver results when called on upon.
- Paul Almeida – Currency Consultant at Cornhill FX
JT is no doubt an excellent trader. What makes him exceptional is his ability to communicate his knowledge in seminars, live trading sessions and in one to one coaching. It was clear to me his passion is not just about doing a job, it is about helping his clients achieve their goals. I have not only greatly improved in my trading, but also learned a great deal about business plans and entrepreneurship. I owe a great amount of my success to Jitan, and I highly recommend his services.
- Thomas Masding – Trading Assistant
I have had the great pleasure of working with Jit on a daily basis during the past year, he stood out as one of the most knowledgeable, dedicated, focussed, genuine and honest business man I know. He has regularly inspired and motivated me to achieve my goals, helped balance my expectations and provided me with confidence when needed. He is a very encouraging and supportive coach who is willing to go the extra mile to provide clarity, balanced expectations to his clients and above all a business plan to achieve their financial goals. I can honestly say that Jit is an extraordinary trader and he genuinely cares for the success of his clients by sharing his knowledge, expertise and experience. His shrewd technical skills and passion to analyse the market is not simply astounding but exceptional. Jit explains difficult market and financial concepts with simplicity and uses his remarkable coaching skills, to in still clarity in his message.
- Viv Oliver – Fast Result Author
Rob is inspirational as a presenter and coach in trading financial markets. He clearly and consistently presents rational and successful strategies and manages to do so in a way that is highly entertaining as well as with great integrity and honesty. I've listened to his presentations many times over the past couple of years and his patience, knowledge and sense of humour seem to know no bounds.
- Suzanne Novak - Senior Manger & Consultant, NHS