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This client just made £2,067 in 1 day’s trading

Wish all days were like this? We do too!

Clients FX account

Profitable trading is about winning and losing. Some days are good and others not so good. As long as on your good days you’re generally making more than on your losing days (having more profitable days than losing days doesn’t even matter!) then in the long run you’ll be just fine. After all anyone can make money trading is they have the right strategy both technically and mentally.

This trader on a losing day will probably lose only £300 – £500. However, on her good days she’ll do around £1,000 – £3,000 making it a very profitable trading day indeed!. It’s all to do with reward to risk and having the right mentality. Not bad for someone who has only been trading for six months. She did have an advantage as she was part of the TradeVest Wealth Alliance club which gave her one to one coaching with our senior traders to ensure her long term profitable trading success. Whilst it is fully booked for the next two months email and let Emily know you’re interest. There is a waiting list but you never know if a spot opens up!

You’re profitable trading might be just around the corner! Good luck!

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