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Value Investing

The one thing you just cannot do without to become a successful investor. Value investing is a key staple to Warren Buffett’s success! Even Buffet’s mentor Benjamin Graham was widely known as the father of value investing. Graham taught Buffet everything he knows which proves that anyone can do it with the right desire and access to the right tools and information.

Value investing has paid dividends over the years. In fact Buffett did value investing so well if you invested £1,000 when he started in 1964 that would now be £10,500,000! Yes, you read correctly, that’s £10,500,000.

All Buffett started with to achieve his meteoric market conquest was a concise set of rules and a determination to stick by them.

Clearly, everyone needs to add value investing into their portfolio. Failure to do so will probably cost you dearly in the long run with the upside you could miss out on.

So what is value investing all about? As a value investor your job is to actively seek out undervalued stocks. Maybe short term traders pushed the stock price down due to a little bad news but perhaps the long term fundamentals are extremely bullish. The result is an opportunity for you. Through “value investing” you will have identified a stock which is below its net asset value. Through buying it, you will have bought the stock at a good discount – very much like buying a house “below market value”.

The TV Investor Academy’s library shows you different models of investing. In value investing we focus on how information widely available to you, can help you to make smart investment decisions. You will discover powerful tools such as:

  • Sector Rotation
  • EPS Growth Rates
  • Price to Book Value
  • P/E Ratios
  • Net Profit Margins
  • Technical Analysis for Timing

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